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0013335ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-02-15 13:14
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PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version22
Product Version1.4.5 
Summary0013335: If you widen the scratch space of an existing document, Scribus throws heavy objects into all directions
DescriptionSee title, grab the attached sample file.
Steps To Reproduce1. Get the attached sample file that has a 100pt scratch space on the left and right, and contents in that scratch space
2. In the document settings, change the scratch space to 1000px
3. Watch the objects get thrown around in various directions.

This happened to me with a real/serious document where the objects I had stored in the scratch space were pretty much all thrown into the middle of the document; I had to restore a previous version of my document from a networked backup.
Additional Information[EDIT] 0013583 goes about the same issue and gives other hint on how to reproduce :

Issue :
When the workspace (scratch space) size changes, items are all moved relatively to the new origin of the workspace. But items that are outside of the document are not moved in the same way as the items that are inside the document printspace.

How to reproduce :
- create facing pages document
- create small text frame inside page
- create small text frame outside page 1cm at the left of the left border of pages
- create small text frame outside page 1cm at the right of the right border of pages
- Change document's workspace left empty space : make it much bigger. For example bring it from 30 to 100
- See : text inside frame has moved ok, but text frames outside pages have lost their original position.

It looks like outside page items have not accomodated with new workspace left empty space. They stayed in old place when all in-page items have moved to accomodate.
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has duplicate 0013583 closedJLuc Changing workspace size scrambles position of outside page items 
related to 0013336 new Scratch space should be dynamic instead of being a setting / preference - dynamic scratch space not restored on file open 
related to 0008553 closedKunda canvas does not reflect new document area after resizing 



2015-09-04 21:42


scratch space test.sla (27,156 bytes)


2015-09-06 17:58

developer   ~0036157

I see the issue.
Basically items placed on free Canvas are not moved once the setting is changed, only the page is moved.


2015-09-06 18:01

developer   ~0036158

So to fix the document just set the values back in the settings.

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