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0013355ScribusTypographypublic2015-10-03 20:18
ReporterAlyse Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows 10 
Product Version1.4.5 
Fixed in Version1.4.6.svn 
Summary0013355: Text effects only retained on first line when you reopen a document.
DescriptionIf you make a text frame, and choose any of the text effects (all caps, small caps, outline, strike-through, etc) and then type in the box more than one line of text (hitting enter), when you reload the text only the first line will retain the effect.
Steps To ReproduceNew document
Draw text box
F2 for properties
"K" for the all-caps (or any of the other effects)
Double click in text box, and type at least 2 lines (hitting enter)
Additional InformationIf you open the file, fix where it removed the effect, close and reopen it stays fixed. You only have to fix it once.,1828.0.html

Is the forum topic where I originally posted about it.

I've also attached the image I saved from when I was testing it in the forums.
Tagstext, text frames


related to 0011855 closedjghali Character Styles in text fields are shown but not saved 



2015-09-18 14:57


test.jpg (5,411 bytes)   
test.jpg (5,411 bytes)   


2015-09-18 15:36

manager   ~0036280

i confirm it on both 1.4.x and 1.5svn (not 100% current but i don't think it has been fixed lately)


2015-09-19 10:11

administrator   ~0036281

I fixed 1.4.6svn. The fix for 1.5.1svn will be likely a different.


2015-09-19 12:12

administrator   ~0036282

Fixed in 1.5.1.svn too.

Note: the fix in 1.5.1.svn consists in a noticeable change of file format. Previous 1.5.1.svn builds will not be able to read correctly documents written with the new code.

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