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0013452ScribusGeneralpublic2016-03-22 15:39
Reporterhtgoebel Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5.0 
Target Version1.5.2Fixed in Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0013452: Can not open ".autosave" file: "is not in an acceptable format"
DescriptionTying to open a .autosave file fails with error message "is not in an acceptable format".
Steps To Reproduce- Create some document in Scribus
- cp Document-1.sla Document-1.sla.autosave
- scribus --lang en Document-1.sla.autosave

Enjoy error message: "Document-1.sla.autosave is not in an acceptable format".
Additional InformationLooks as if Scribus is looking at the filename, which is a bad thing anyway.
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has duplicate 0013482 closedjghali Scribus must not look at the file-extension when opening a scribus-file 
related to 0008788 closedfschmid Automatic recovery 
child of 0013584 acknowledged Metabug: AutoSave & AutoRecover 



2015-10-29 04:43

updater   ~0037075

It works, the --lang flag is what's killing it.
$ /path/to/Scribus -l en ~/Desktop/Document-1.sla.autosave.sla


2015-10-29 04:46

updater   ~0037077

This ticket brings up Juraj's patches. I've added them


2015-10-29 08:02

reporter   ~0037087


1) Your example is testing something *different*. Your file has
    extension `.sla`, while I'm talking about `.sla.autosave'

2) This error occurs even without `--lang` option. I used that only to
   get the error message in English.


2015-10-29 11:19

manager   ~0037091

you have to rename the file into .sla to open it.

it would be nice if scribus would not (only) rely on the extension to check if the file is what the extension says (this is mostly important for images)


2015-10-29 11:43

reporter   ~0037092

@ale: This is exactly what this bug-report is about.


2015-10-29 11:54

updater   ~0037093

re: htgoebel,
good points. thanks for pointing that out.

actually, i've been thinking about the autosave feature a bunch lately. I think this is a direction development should focus on in more depth. Especially given the number of crash bugs we've found and from personal experience, how many hours of work I've lost collectively discovering triggering known or unknown crash bugs while not saving my work in time.

For example, LibreOffice has a something akin to a Crash Restore wizard menu that comes up if it finds a file that was a result of a crash. VIM is another program that comes to mind that handles crashing restores really well. I think Scribus should have a very good mechanism to help people recover their work especially given how it crashes at times.


2015-10-29 12:12

manager   ~0037095

sorry htgoebel, i missed that line where it was written... since the discussion was going in every direction :-)

(i mean: what is the relationship with running scribus from the terminal? or with autosaving the files?)

can i suggest you that we close this ticket and you open one where you aks for scribus not (only) looking at the extension for detecting the file type (this means, in my eyes, that scribus first looks at the extension, but if an error occurs while reading the file, it should try other ways to detect the file's type)


2015-10-29 12:26

reporter   ~0037098

New ticket:


2015-10-29 13:07

administrator   ~0037100

No need to create a new issue for something which is a direct consequence of an already existing issue.


2015-12-02 16:14

developer   ~0037795

KISS : rather than 'filename.sla.autosave', autosaved file could be named 'filename.autosave.sla'.


2015-12-02 16:49

updater   ~0037798

Last edited: 2015-12-02 16:49

I like the KISS method but your solution raises a question: How would a mechanism for the future Automatic Recovery function (0008788) recognize an .autosave. file ? Would it just scan for
in a filename within said directory ?


2015-12-03 10:03

developer   ~0037805

Yes possibily. In case some automatic recovery function would propose to reeover these autosaved files and not some other specific autosaved files, then looking for autosave.sla files is as simple as looking for .sla.autosave files. But that's another issue.

Other possible : autosaving could give a version number. Begin with filenumber.autosave1.sla then autosave2.sla etc (and optionnaly clean older versions). Autorecovery should then look for \.autosave([0-9]+)?\.sla (But that's another issue)


2016-03-14 06:42

updater   ~0039157

Confirmed fix by fschmid in either r21079 or r21083

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