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0013478ScribusUser Interfacepublic2018-04-30 12:37
ReporterKunda Assigned To 
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PlatformMacOSXOSYosemiteOS Version10.10.5
Product Version1.5.1svn 
Summary0013478: Add note to Preferences > Display > Colors menu for clarity
DescriptionAs I was playing with 0012034 I changed the:
Preferences > Display > Colors > "Selected Page Border" option
Now when I browse back in to that menu I can't activate any of the options except the first option in in the Colors menu which is 'Page Fill'

<strike>Warning: this issue cannot be undone via the GUI. </strike>
b>Solution: Close out all open documents to re-enable the color preferences.

Proposal: Add a notation to this menu (see mockup) to help orient users better.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open Preferences > Display > Colors
2) Click on the "Selected Page Border" button
3) Change the color and press OK
4) See that the "Page Border" of an active page is now the new color
5) Go back in to Preferences > Display > Colors
Only 'Page Fill' option is selectable, none of the others are.
Additional InformationI'm not sure if this is the exact way to duplicate the bug. Because I can't return to my previous state because none of the buttons are clickable in the Preferences > Display > Colors menu except for 'Page Fill'

OSX 10.10.5 1.5.1svn r20501
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2015-10-29 01:26

updater   ~0037070

this issue can't be undone via the GUI. Most likely I'll need to change something in some config file.


2015-12-05 01:41

updater   ~0037822

Moved to 'Block' because this can't be undone even after scribus restart


2015-12-06 13:34

administrator   ~0037838

Only the page colour can be changed in an open document. Close the doc and you can edit this stuff.


2015-12-07 14:35

updater   ~0037849

Ahh.. I see. That didn't seem intuitive to me at the time. I wonder if other people will run in to this issue ? Should we make a note saying something like:

'If preferences are greyed out, close out of any open documents to re-enable' 

Added mockup


2015-12-07 14:35


Display-Colors.jpg (112,640 bytes)   
Display-Colors.jpg (112,640 bytes)   


2015-12-07 14:40

updater   ~0037850

Changed ticket summary/description and status


2015-12-08 21:05

administrator   ~0037885

hmm i don't even know why we have locked out those other preferences from being stored in a document..


2015-12-10 16:14

updater   ~0037894

Interesting. Bumping this to 1.5.2 since this is may take a little more thinking about.


2016-03-19 17:33

reporter   ~0039275

Last edited: 2016-03-19 17:39

It took me a long time to figure out that these UI color preferences could only be set when there is no document open!

Why is it so, however? Instead of adding a note saying "Sorry Dave, I can't do that", shouldn't Scribus be able to change those global UI color preferences even when a document is open? Because you can't change any of them in the "Document Setup" dialog, so it doesn't seem like it is a per-document override anyway! (and if this can't be set in the Document Setup dialog—and indeed I think it shouldn't—that tab shouldn't be also present in the Document Setup dialog)


2016-03-19 20:14

administrator   ~0039278

Last edited: 2016-03-19 20:18

>> shouldn't Scribus be able to change those global UI color preferences even when a document is open?

Such options are generally per user and personal preferences, so when sharing docs preferences of one user must not interfere with preference of other users. Currently it is not possible to change those preferences when a doc is open because doing so would create internal issues.


2016-03-19 21:31

reporter   ~0039284

>> Such options are generally per user and personal preferences

I do sometimes wonder if it really make sense to have "document settings" for UI element colors, vs just having it purely as a global user/app setting...

But anyway, my point was that when you're in the global Preferences dialog, having a document open shouldn't mean you can't change your global user preferences when it comes to colors... If you'd like to make explicit the relationship between global Preferences vs Document settings, you could have some sort of "Apply these settings to the current document" button (which could also be present in various other panels of the Preferences dialog, actually).

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