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0001349ScribusPrintingpublic2004-12-10 01:16
Reporterjairo Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSGentoo Linux + Fedora CoreOS Version1.4 & 3.0
Product Version1.2 
Fixed in Version1.2.1cvs 
Summary0001349: Auto Number-Page Bug
DescriptionThe problem occurs when auto number-page is used. Only in multiple pages of 9 (9, 19, 29...) the bug viewed. In this way, none of these pages can be printed or transformed into pdf files.
The event, registered in Scribus 1.2, running in Gentoo Linux 1.4 & Fedora Core 3.0.

Pre-Solution: remove 2 pages, put the number manually & print page.
Steps To ReproduceMake any template using auto-number & print-it.
Additional Informationposted by: Jairo Willian, Brazil
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related to 0001135 closedfschmid Page number in TTF font doesn't print 
related to 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2004-11-30 20:12

administrator   ~0002959

Try using another font. I think there was an issue that is now fixed with regards to certain fonts.


2004-12-03 16:53

reporter   ~0002977

I've tested it with Utopia, URW Bookman L Demi Bold,
Courier Regular (works), Arial Narrow Regular &
Bold, Palatino Linotype Bold Italic, Italic and
Regular (doesn't).

In this particular case, changing the font is a barely
acceptable solution.

Problem is, for certain fonts, the generated PostScript
does not include in the font's dictionary the glyph
definition for "9" (i.e., G57). That's strange, as
Scribus looks smart enough to only include glyphs for
characters actually used.

Since actually including "9" somewhere in the document
apparently fixes the problem (in fact I'm including a
white-on-white "9" in the first page as a workaround),
is it possible the auto-numbering code is not marking
"9" as "used" for some fonts?

1- I could never use Control-# for inserting the page #
marker, had to define a new shortcut instead
2- I discovered the hard way that the page marker must
be used more than once with >9 pages, otherwise only the
first digit appears. I can't see the advantage of this
approach, since it forces the the page/template designer
to foresee the maximum number of pages and does not give
more lay-out control (if I use "X####Y", page 13 shows
as "X13Y", not "X 13Y")


2004-12-03 17:26

administrator   ~0002978

Yeah the control # doesnt always works and depends on the keyboard layout and WM used.

Ill have a play, maybe it is the case if the glyphs arent used elsewhere they are missed somehow.


2004-12-08 18:39

administrator   ~0003032

Confirmed. At page 9 I got a missing error and page 19 it just didnt show.

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