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0013552Scribus-public2016-03-31 16:08
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Product Version1.5.1svn 
Summary0013552: cannot rescale the content of multiple image frames at once
Descriptionholding down the alt key allows to rescale the content as the frame is rescaled.
for image frames this only work with single frames and does not work when multiple frames are selected.
Steps To Reproduce- create two text frames with some text in it
- create two image frames with an image loaded and free scaling enabled

- resize two text frames with the alt key pressed: both are scaled
- resize one image frame with the alt key pressed: the content is scaled
- resize one text frame and one image frame (with alt): only the text frame cotnent is scaled
- resize two iamge frames (with alt): no content is scaled

if i group the frames, then the image frames inside of it are now resized even if i don't press the alt key (which is (technically?) a bit unexpected, but probably the right thing to do in many cases!)


related to 0003423 confirmed remaining problems with resizing multiple text boxes 


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