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0003423ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2022-09-15 11:48
Reportermkoren Assigned To 
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Platformx86OSDebian LinuxOS VersionStable/Testing
Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0003423: remaining problems with resizing multiple text boxes
DescriptionI would have reopened bug 0003012 but I don't seem to have the privileges.
There are still a few problems here:
Current behavior:
*normal resize of a single box: nothing else changes, as expected
*normal resize of multiple boxes: line size (of box border) is still scaled (but see note)--shouldn't happen
*alt-resize of single empty box: nothing changes; not correct
*alt-resize of multiple empty boxes: text size, line size (see note) scale; line spacing is unchanged
*alt-resize of single box with contents: text size scales, line spacing is reset to 1.2 x text size (default multiplier), character width scaling first jumps to 40%, thereafter changes, but usually in the wrong direction
*alt-resize of multiple boxes with contents: text size scales, line spacing is reset, line size scales (note), char. width scaling unaffected
note: boxes have to be deselected, then reselected to see line spacing changes
Expected behavior:
*normal resize, any case: nothing else is changed
*alt-resize, any case: something consistent, whether boxes have contents or not--probably text size, line spacing, maybe line size and I would say box margins and column gaps as well would all scale (this would really be a complete visual scale of the box). Line spacing should not simply be reset to the default multiple of text size, and character scaling should probably be left alone as it's already a percentage.
There might should even be a separate option for scaling only text size and line spacing with the box, or also scaling line size and margin/gaps.
I haven't tried this just now with styles involved, but I imagine settings from styles should be left intact (?).
It might also be nice to have a checkbox or toggle button in properties for resizes done by entering the new size directly to use a particular resize method.
Tags#please_test, resize


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related to 0008826 new Being able to scale object or group of objects to a desired percentage 
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child of 0003812 acknowledged Metabug: Grouped objects 



2006-03-15 04:33

reporter   ~0009288

Argh, I'd rather ignore this complication, but I think I just alt-resized two identical text boxes and one reset its line spacing, the other's was unchanged.
Can't reproduce.


2015-10-10 01:10

updater   ~0036593

Need to test this. adding to 1.6 milestone so it's not forgotten.

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