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0013561ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2020-06-15 12:22
ReporterspaceChRiS Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformallOSallOS Versionall
Fixed in Version1.5.1svn 
Summary0013561: Scale image always to higher scaling value when chain is joined
DescriptionIf the chain icon besides the x and y image scales is enabled ("joined"), both dimensions are scaled to the x value. Instead, scaling to max(x scale, y scale) would be a more consistent behavior and would additionally allow for a simple workflow to fill an image within its frame while the original aspect ratio is maintained. The latter works, with the current behavior, only for the x > y case.

The workflow for filling a frame would be

  1. Click the picture frame and in the "Image" tab set the "scaling"
     to "to frame size" without checking proportional. That gives a
     distorted image.

  2. Select "Free scaling" which leaves the image distorted and shows
     the x- and y-scale percentage.

  3. Click the chain icon to set the higher percentage for both dimensions.

Now, the frame is filled with an undistorted image and the position can be adjusted with either the x or y position value, depending on which side the image is cropped.

The change is a simple task and would make manual copying of the percentage value or running special scripts obsolete. An open question currently discussed on the users mailing list is if this change would introduce any problematic side effects. See the discussion starting on 2015-11-23 entitled "Fit photograph to frame".



2015-11-25 13:12

manager   ~0037674

this is for the free scaling...

of course, i agree with the proposal :-)


2015-11-25 20:05


max-xy-chain.diff (713 bytes)   
diff --git a/scribus/ui/propertiespalette_image.cpp b/scribus/ui/propertiespalette_image.cpp
index b0ae4ea..2821be0 100644
--- a/scribus/ui/propertiespalette_image.cpp
+++ b/scribus/ui/propertiespalette_image.cpp
@@ -706,7 +706,9 @@ void PropertiesPalette_Image::handleImageWHRatio()
 	if (keepImageWHRatioButton->isChecked())
-		imageYScaleSpinBox->setValue(imageXScaleSpinBox->value());
+		double maxXY = qMax(imageXScaleSpinBox->value(), imageYScaleSpinBox->value());
+		imageXScaleSpinBox->setValue(maxXY);
+		imageYScaleSpinBox->setValue(maxXY);
max-xy-chain.diff (713 bytes)   


2015-11-25 20:07

manager   ~0037680

btw, scribus/ui/propertiespalette_image.cpp seems to have wrong (dos) line endings...


2015-11-25 21:40

administrator   ~0037684

I committed the patch, it was incomplete tho. I also modifed handleImageDPIRatio() to have consistent behavior between the two chain buttons.


2015-11-26 07:49

manager   ~0037686

no idea if the dpi ratio chain is really used/useful and should have the same behavior...
the new behavior probably does not harm, but we might think about removing this second chain and only leave the one for h/w...


2016-01-21 15:00

updater   ~0038323

Do we close this ?

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