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0013597ScribusGeneralpublic2020-09-06 10:47
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Summary0013597: [Feature] Snap to same gap or size
DescriptionNew features :
- when moving object provide 'snap object to magnetic position where its gap with closest object is the same as the gap between this object and one of its other neighbour".
- when resizing object provide also 'snap width (or height) of object to same width (or height) as other objects in page".

Additional InformationI had to work with yEd graph editor and I was most interested in its automatic
"snap positions, sizes and gaps to other positions, sizes and gaps" feature.
Because it includes "snap for gap and width" ability.
As such, it merges the align and distribute tool with the "snap" mouse-interactive behaviour.
It is easy to use even when many and more objects are in the page, because, at least in some cases, the snapping only happens with nearby objects or gaps...
There is an exception to this rule when there is a long row or column
of same alignment : in such a case, alignment is shown for all.

Note :
When moving an object, snaps happens for horizontal and vertical center align + for size of gaps.
When resizing an object with one of its side shape handle, snaps happens both for gaps, size and position of item.

UI is very interesting to see at work : when moving or resizing an objects, the reference sizes, gaps or positions, and places where items are aligned are shown, as in scribus with light blue line, but more localy (line doesnt cross whole page) and more precisely (snapping place is shown with a light small cross).


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2015-12-10 16:11

updater   ~0037893

Sounds useful. +1


2015-12-14 10:56

reporter   ~0037916

This would make my life immeasurably easier. Making alignment of element easier and more intuitive can only be a good thing. +1

Omnigraffle has always been my personal "gold standard" for helpful and intuitive snapping and alignment behaviour. This video gives a brief example of how it behaves:


2017-10-22 18:03

developer   ~0044564

This is more useful video: (from 1:18)

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