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Summary0013618: More possibilities for Outlines (ability to stretch images)
DescriptionIf you convert a text frame to outlines you can stretch text in any direction.
This would be great for images too.

But most of all I miss the possibility to grab 1 or 2 corners and increase or decrease the distance between them.
Additional InformationWith this function you could style text like in Star Wars ;-)

Or see the advert Garry Prachett made.
The 3 words force, multiplying, tincture have the same high on left and right although the lines spread.

In Outlines Scribus already stretches text, so this probably is the easiest way.

The same function for images would be great - for example to give an illusion of 3D.
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2015-12-24 20:08


ad.jpg (84,466 bytes)
ad.jpg (84,466 bytes)


2015-12-25 08:21

developer   ~0037989

Not true : It is possible to strech images to any display ratio as you do with outlined text : just unlink vertical and horizontal scale and define X and Y scale as you wish (in the image pane of the property palette).

True : As is now and afaik, it's true that it's not possible to stretch objects in the starwar way (trapezoïdicaly)

Beside : there is another way to stretch text without outlining it : group the frame with another frame (could be empty). Once done so, any group resize will adjust fonts size verticaly or horizontaly to the same ratio as the group being resized.


2015-12-25 15:15

reporter   ~0037992

Notice to Not true ;-)

The ratio between X and Y will always stay the same - the frame changes the ratio, but not the image itself.
That's the difference with text converted to Outlines.
I don't know if this is possible and in a further step to go away from rectangle. Like in attached pic Bildschirmfoto-3.

But in text there is already the possibilty to scale it. Increase height or width. So it should be possible to make it trapezoid.
Or to make it italic in every direction. In pic schoen you can see that I only could rotate the whole text - I wasn't able to make the letters look upright.

This is a Feature Request. I'm not a developer, but for me it looks like text is transformed to a vector graphic anyway - and so it should be possible. Or am I totally wrong?


2015-12-25 15:15


schoen.jpg (50,335 bytes)
schoen.jpg (50,335 bytes)


2015-12-25 15:16


Bildschirmfoto-3.png (237,415 bytes)
Bildschirmfoto-3.png (237,415 bytes)

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