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Summary0002238: Free Text Tool Requested

As long time Corel Draw user and about to migrate the last windows machine to linux I would like to request a additional free text tool (text writing without
a text frame) which is, to my mind, important to create stretcheable headlines and others.
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related to 0013618 new More possibilities for Outlines (ability to stretch images) 
related to 0013976 new Make Mesh Distortion editable directly on canvas 
related to 0004713 new Keep text on a path editable (directly on canvas) 



2005-07-15 16:25

reporter   ~0005593

We need to be careful not to become the "kitchen sink" or try to do things better done by other tools such as Inkscape. That said, this sounds fairly reasonable. You can already get "free text" to an extent by creating a text frame with the desired text and converting to outlines.

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