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0013716ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-10-14 22:24
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Product Version1.5.1svn 
Summary0013716: More options for new documents
DescriptionRegarding 0013715 for me it would be great to have more options when opening a new document.
Imho there should be a possibility to choose different color, style, font styles for this single document.
Additional InformationI'm working on several projects and I created me a color set with all the corporate identity colors of the different projects in it, because I have to close all documents, if I want another color set. The list of the colors is getting longer and longer.
Also I have about 150 different fonts - all shown in the list of the available fonts. Takes a lot of time to find the right font.

So it would be great to choose sets when creating a new document.
These sets would only affect the new document.

I add 2 pics how I think newbies could work with.
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2016-02-09 18:56


newd-Seite001.png (67,490 bytes)   
newd-Seite001.png (67,490 bytes)   


2016-02-09 18:56


newdmore-page001.png (95,811 bytes)   
newdmore-page001.png (95,811 bytes)   


2016-02-10 09:57

manager   ~0038610

please. no. don't do it.

the "new" document is already filled with too many settings that a specific user almost never changes.

in my eyes, document styles would be a better way to allow the presets your suggesting.

and when creating a new document you could then choose a document style...

Vladimir Savic

2016-02-10 10:33

reporter   ~0038611

I must agree with ale. While I see the intention, this is not the way to do it.


2016-02-10 12:19

reporter   ~0038613

That's the reason for the more button - if nothing is selected, Scribus does the same as now.

But a document style with fonts, colors, styles would be ok too.
(It's not the same as template because of i.e. different page size or adding a new textframe will still show the whole fonts list...)



2016-03-15 12:32

updater   ~0039174

Vlada, do you also think this is more relevant to document styles or do you have a different vision of how this could be implemented?


2016-09-26 22:26

reporter   ~0042064

I strongly suppport the part with the fonts. I have actually over 100 fonts with over 300 individual designs. This makes an individual limitation for a few most important. Imagine, I use Univers which alwas towards the bottom and I need to use the mouse to go down over 250 fonts to find the correct one, is not really productiv. I'd like to be able to define the used fonts in the Individual settings per job.


2016-09-27 10:46

reporter   ~0042065

As I see that no more buttons are wished in new document, what about edit - fonts (like colors) where you can add and choose palettes?
And perhaps styles and... what is useful?


2016-09-27 11:08

reporter   ~0042066

I would find it better to have ALL fonts automatically activated in the General Configurations with a possibility to remove the lot and then add the few I really will use constantly AND in the Document Configuration to start empty and we can select the ones we want, perhaps a button «select all» might be added.

This would not make new button necessary, as both configurations exist and only need a little tweek.


2016-10-12 17:17

developer   ~0042132

The answer to the fonts already exists.
Just as it takes some time to accumulate a large number of fonts, users should take the time to go to Preferences and make as many fonts unavailable as is reasonably possible for a basic functioning Scribus.
For an individual document, you can then still go to Document Settings and make any additional ones available that you like.


2016-10-12 20:20

developer   ~0042133

I'm glad I saw this bug, since I finally went through and made most of my fonts unavailable in Scribus. Most of them I never asked for, and most of them aren't really very good either.


2016-10-12 22:52

reporter   ~0042134

I don't agree at all with gpittman. I have probably installed 90% of all fonts to be used with Scribus. I am nowadays quicker to use Scribus than LibreOffice, even for a pure textreport of several pages. Or for a simple address label. I use Calc only for table heavy jobs, but this is not really what I need often.


2016-10-12 23:38

developer   ~0042135

Here is another option.
Inside .scribus, there is a file called checkfonts.xml

This is apparently where your Preferences are saved. One of the elements is Status. If Status="1", the font is available, if Status="0", it is not.
You can edit this file, pretty quickly, and Find/Replace each "1" with "0" wherever you want to make the font unavailable.
If you wanted, you could create a family of these files, changing the name to checkfonts.xml when you want to activate it, then to something else when you want to use one of your other lists.

I just don't think you're going to get a lot of traction with your idea to add new features to the New Document dialog.


2016-10-14 17:14

reporter   ~0042141

Hi gpittman!

I'm working on different projects.
At project 1 I need font family X and font Y.
At project 2 other fonts.
And I want the possibility to have all fonts for fun.
And I'm working at the same time at these projects.
Sorry, no of your solutions can do that.

What is wrong with palettes as we have them for colors?


2016-10-14 22:24

developer   ~0042142

The solution of editing checkfonts.xml does precisely what you're asking. You make a series of files, checkfonts_all.xml, checkfonts_some.xml, and maybe change the original to checkfonts_bak.xml for safekeeping somewhere. Changing filenames and even copying/moving them is a simple task.

I'm not in a position to add some new functionality. Perhaps you can make your case on the scribus-dev mail list to see if there is any support. There are already some negative points of view in this feature request above.

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