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0013773ScribusWebsitepublic2016-02-29 21:23
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Product Version1.5.1 
Summary0013773: scribus should provide an official link to ghostscript
Descriptionif possible, when asking for ghostscript, scribus should provide a link to the official ghostscript page.

the web is a jungle and many users get lost...
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2016-02-25 12:53

administrator   ~0038904

Last edited: 2016-02-25 12:59

Help and Windows readme already provide a link to official download site. In Help you just have to type "ghostscript" to get install instructions for Windows with a link to ghostscript official site.


2016-02-25 13:31

updater   ~0038907

jghali, i've seen some sound programs that offer an asterisk link next to their application directing the user to download an optional dependency that they can't bunndle in their software for legal reasons. For example, Audacity and mp3 libs. Not sure how it's been in the last few years... Anyhow, what is the hesitancy about making doing something like this on the main scribus download page. We could list the pro/cons of having ghostscript installed and let the user decide for themselves.

Relevant digression, just recently someone on twitter posted a tutorial how to do this:


2016-02-26 09:15

manager   ~0038912

imo, since it seems to be dangerous to google for ghostscript, i would not rely on the people will to read some documentation or readme.

i would not fill the UI with warning, but since we alrady show a dialog, we could add a link to the download page or -- indeed probably better -- to the relevant scribus help page. (so that ubuntu users do not download the package from the ghostscript page...)

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