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0013826ScribusUsabilitypublic2017-10-15 16:11
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Summary0013826: Objects snapping "guides" lines should span the shared edge of the objects, not the entire screen's width/height
DescriptionLet me start by saying that the new "snapping between objects" feature present in the 1.5 series is *awesome*.

There is one thing that annoys me with it though: when you have a bunch of objects (ex: images) sitting all around the canvas, whenever you're resizing an image frame it tries to snap to everything all over the place all the time, which is okay, except that I oftentimes end up making small errors because I snapped to the wrong edge (ie: to another object somewhere on the grid).

The primary reason is that the dynamic snapping "guidelines" span the entire width or height of the canvas/screen, instead of just showing me what object it is snapping to.
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2016-03-19 20:31

administrator   ~0039280

Disagree. When rulers are on, current behavior allows to evaluate more easily snapping coordinates.


2016-03-19 20:55

reporter   ~0039282

Well, nothing prevents having a discontinous line, something that shows up at the edges of the two objects and on the ruler (and maybe dotted/dashed inbetween). Best of both worlds.


2017-10-15 07:06

developer   ~0044541

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I think, if the guides stick to the objects, the "Object snapping" function would be completely unnecessary.


2017-10-15 13:55

reporter   ~0044549

Hi Peter, this is why I said "guides" in quotation marks in ' "guides" lines', in the bug report's title. I'm not talking about the global guides feature itself, I'm talking about the temporary indicator lines that happen while (and only while) you're snapping an object. Nor am I talking about making the guides stick permanently to objects.

The point is that the current temporary "guide" lines that show up while you are attempting to snap two objects are not helping me because they don't let me know visually which object I'm snapping to among a bunch of objects "close to each other but not perfectly aligned" (it's a usecase I encounter frequently).

My proposed "continuous line at the object being snapped, discontinous on the extrapolation to the rulers on both sides of the canvas" lines styling approach would solve the usability problem while causing no functionality drawback.


2017-10-15 15:56

developer   ~0044550

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HI Jeff. I understand what you're saying.

If the "Guide Snap to Object" function works well (there is currently no such function), then your problem would be solved, because the objects must not only snap to the nearby objects.

In the video from 0.31 to 1.56 (

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