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0013914ScribusCanvaspublic2016-04-09 21:48
Reporterorbisvicis Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSFedora 23, x86_64OS Version4.4.6-300.fc23
Product Version1.4.6 
Fixed in Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0013914: Dual-Page Layout: Full-Width items duplicated on export
DescriptionFor items that span a dual page layout, scribus references the same item in both pages (left + right) without any cropping. The item in each page has the same origin, but each page's crop box masks the extraneous parts so when viewed it looks as expected.

There are two problems regarding full-width items, ie X-Pos=0 and Width=PageWidth
1] If the item is in a right page, scribus considers it part of the left page (only in the outliner, without physically moving the item on the canvas)
2] These items are then considered to span pages, ie to be on both pages, so during PDF export the left page contains content from the left page as well as the right page (outside the crop box), and the right page contains content from the right pages as well as the left page (outside the crop box)
Steps To Reproduce1] Use the attached scribus document "TestDuplicateItem.sla". The top-right text of page 3 (Text4) on the canvas, is in page 2 on the outliner.
2] Export as PDF, or use the attached PDF "TestDuplicateItem.pdf".
3] Run the attached script "" with line 57 commented out, then run the attached script with line 63 commented out - or use the attached PDFs "out-left.pdf" and "out-right.pdf"
Additional InformationUsing 1.4.5 from fedora 23
TagsNo tags attached.


related to 0010990 confirmed Object page reference incorrect at 0.000 on facing page 
related to 0002683 acknowledged Margins need to be skipped for objects spanning facing pages 



2016-04-05 15:28


TestDuplicateItem.sla (17,967 bytes)


2016-04-05 15:28


TestDuplicateItem.pdf (28,130 bytes)


2016-04-05 15:28

reporter (2,145 bytes)   
#!/usr/bin/env python3

# Copyright:
#   Yclept Nemo 
#       2016
#       pscjtwjdjtAhnbjm/dpn
# License:
#   GPLv3

import itertools
import argparse
import PyPDF2

def grouper(iterable, n, fillvalue=None):
    "Collect data into fixed-length chunks or blocks"
    # grouper('ABCDEFG', 3, 'x') --> ABC DEF Gxx"
    args = [iter(iterable)] * n
    return itertools.zip_longest(*args, fillvalue=fillvalue)

def pdf_page_size(page):
    return  ( page.mediaBox.lowerRight[0] - page.mediaBox.lowerLeft[0]
            , page.mediaBox.upperRight[1] - page.mediaBox.lowerRight[1]

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Impose PDF files')
parser.add_argument("source", help="PDF, source path", type=argparse.FileType("rb"))
parser.add_argument("output", help="PDF, output path", type=argparse.FileType("wb"))
parser.add_argument("-s", "--spacer", help="PDF, spacer path", type=argparse.FileType("rb"))

args = parser.parse_args()

source = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(args.source)
output = PyPDF2.PdfFileWriter()

spacer_page = None
spacer_size = [0,0]

if args.spacer is not None:
    spacer = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(args.spacer)
    if spacer.getNumPages():
        spacer_page = spacer.getPage(0)
        spacer_size = pdf_page_size(spacer_page)

if source.getNumPages():

for i in grouper(range(1, source.getNumPages()), 2):
    pages = [None if j is None else source.getPage(j) for j in i]
    sizes = [(0,0) if j is None else pdf_page_size(j) for j in pages]
    out_size = [ sum(j[0] for j in sizes)
               , max(j[1] for j in sizes)
    if pages[1] is not None and spacer_page is not None:
        out_size[0] += spacer_size[0]
    out_page = output.addBlankPage(*out_size)
    if pages[1] is not None:
        offset = sizes[0][0]
        if spacer_page is not None:
            out_page.mergeTranslatedPage(spacer_page, offset, 0, True)
            offset += spacer_size[0]
        out_page.mergeTranslatedPage(pages[1], offset, 0, True)



args.output.close() (2,145 bytes)   


2016-04-05 15:28


out-left.pdf (96,525 bytes)


2016-04-05 15:29


out-right.pdf (96,561 bytes)


2016-04-05 19:17

updater   ~0039825

Does this have anything to do with 0010442 ?


2016-04-05 19:54

administrator   ~0039829

No idea, but 0010990 for sure


2016-04-08 20:46

reporter   ~0039924

The 1st note [1] is bug 0010990

The 2nd note [2] is new. The 2nd note only applies to page-spanning (pdf internals) during pdf export. Normally it is hidden by the crop-box, but causes problems during imposition.

They are probably both related.


2016-04-09 16:21

updater   ~0039965

orbisvicis, could you please test 0010990 with 1.5.2svn with anything after r21175 ? (jghali just applied a fix)


2016-04-09 16:44

administrator   ~0039970

r21175 is enough to fix the item duplication when exporting PDF. I will not backport the fix to 1.4.x for now as it is on the risky side. Resolving this issue as the rest is covered by 0010990.


2016-04-09 21:48

reporter   ~0039995

I can confirm that r21175 fixes [2] (item duplication) and [1] (page position/0010990), when page interior bleed is 0.

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