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0001394ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2015-04-06 22:36
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Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0001394: XML based editing
DescriptionI think it could be practical to have a toggle un the text editor between Wysiwyg and some kind of XML. One click you have the classical way to type text, Another one, formating disappear, XML tage appears like this :

<font name="Bistream Vera Sans MS" size="10">
blah blah blahalahb blah blah
<justify>blih blih blih blah blah</justify>
<style name="paragraph">
frudubulubruih :)

notice the difference between the (ugly) formating tags at the beginning, and the descriptive style tags, wich then define the look of the text.
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2004-12-15 23:50

reporter   ~0003165

Oops, the submiting form accidentaly parsed the < b>blahalahb< /b> , sorry.


2005-02-21 10:29

reporter   ~0003780

The ability to expose the internal XML for text objects might also be rather interesting for the Python interface.


2005-04-27 06:28

reporter   ~0004432

Reminder sent to: kobuswolf

Adding you to the monitor list.


2005-06-21 02:50

reporter   ~0005084

Might well be useful for 0002108 and 0001791 too.


2006-12-13 12:50

administrator   ~0013896

The approaches of Inkscape and InDesign are worth looking at.


2007-02-01 16:10

reporter   ~0015070

Last edited: 2015-04-06 22:35

Also related to:

If the text format could have been xml-based and integrated with, or even better: based on, the odt-format, then bug 5190 would also be solved at the same time :-)


2015-04-05 18:13

reporter   ~0034820

Last edited: 2015-04-05 18:17

Can I suggest a tree-based xml editor like the one Inkscape has. It could be plug-in and/or integrated in the 'outline' window.

EDIT: I see you are referring only to text entities. I meant an XML editor for the whole SLA document. Should I open a new issue for this feature?


2015-04-06 03:30

reporter   ~0034821

for text only, isn't that what you can do through a LaTeX box?

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