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0014001ScribusFontspublic2017-10-23 11:01
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Summary0014001: Font management consistancy
Description- Font pane of PDF Export Dialog has very strict standards about "what is allowed to be done".
For example, it doesnt enable to embed "OTF fonts with PS outlines" because it leads to not-correct PDFs with <=PDF1.5
This is meant to prevent user from doing ill formed PDFs.

- Fonts pane of Preferences is very permissive about what is allowed to be done since user can specify whatever he wants for fonts.
It even allows to force behaviour that "PDF export Dialog" would normaly prevent, and there is no reason why user would not do it when it doesnt know he shouldnt do it. And that can be very bad for the later RIP.

Hence, the "Preferences > Fonts" pane should warn that some settings should not be changed unless user is very aware of special fonts characteristics and details of PDF standards.

It could be : "Warning : do not change 'subset' or 'embed' columns unless you know perfectly the details of the PDF standards and of the used fonts characteristics".

Additional Information#13998 : a case of unconsistancy that arose with bad preferences for rotis font
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2017-10-22 17:36

developer   ~0044563

I don't understand the problem exactly. This has not yet resolved?


2017-10-23 10:08

developer   ~0044569

Last edited: 2017-10-23 11:01

I'm afraid it hasnt.
Preference font pane allows to set forbiden configs.

I'm no font expert so i cannot explain more precisely.

I'm no font expert so it happened in the past that i did mistakes in the Preferences Font pane. I then received some highly technical advices as what types of fonts could manage such or such setting and what types of fonts could not - but this was way too technical for my knowledge of fonts. All i could do was reset my config file to its default version.

PDF export dialog does more on preventing mistakes now. I'm not sure how far it goes as preventing miss-PDFs. But setting and preferences dialogs have not changed and still enable to set miss-settings. Are these settings error corrected before the PDF export ? I can't say.

I'm no font expert so i'd like scribus to prevent me doing uncorrect settings leading to wrong PDFs.
It'd be better when the settings and preferences dialog would not allow to set wrong settings.

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