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0014049ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-13 16:11
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PlatformPCOSArchlinuxOS Versionuptodate
Product Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0014049: Document position
DescriptionOpening Scribus, the document is on the left side of the screen.
So you order your Windows like PP on the right.
Moving a frame to the left (or with editing the shape) the document moves to the right - behind the Windows.
Absolutely correct behaviour.
But if you remove the frame or move it to the right, the document keeps its position so that you have to move Windows and scroll left-right.
This is very uncomfortable.
It would be great if there is always as much space between left side of screen and document as needed.
Additional Informationi don't know if this is related to 0014047 and #13967 as I can't see last one ;-)
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