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0001410ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-04-13 21:54
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Summary0001410: Allow automatic text frames after document has been started
DescriptionIn 1.2.1 (cvs), when the new document dialog box comes up, there is a check box for "automatic text frames" which does create a page sized (but within the margins) text frame and links it to the previous one whenever you add a new page. Works very nice. However, if you don't check the box (automatic text frames) when first creating the document, there is no way to enable this feature later without starting over.

It would be nice if you could enable this (and disable it) after creating the document.
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related to 0001342 closed auto adding of pages 
related to 0000245 acknowledged Automatic addition of new pages with auto-text frames. 
related to 0001098 acknowledged Feature request ot manually integrate Shift+Click automatic text frames (without using mouse) 
related to 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2005-03-19 11:39

developer   ~0003928

Would that make sense if it was implemented as part of the "Template" options?

Different sections in a publication would not have to be linked together necessarily.
However users could set auto links *within* a section.

Based on that template, you could create new linked pages, or let Scribus creates them for you when you'd check the "auto page creation" option.

As an additionnal sub-feature: something that doesn't exist afaik in other programs is the "Auto Page Deletion" option in the case your formatted text ends up shorter than it was at import time. In that case, why should the user bother deleting extra pages by hand? The condition for this to happen when enabled would be: there is no other element apart from the template in that page and there is no more text in the auto text frame, either from deletion of text or from formatting.


2006-04-13 21:54

developer   ~0009927

Planned in Roadmap Extras
with no ETA

Changing the status to acknowledged

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