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0001098ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-11-11 13:22
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0001098: Feature request ot manually integrate Shift+Click automatic text frames (without using mouse)
DescriptionText frames that are created automatically when clicking the 'Edit text tool' on the canvas area. When this method is used, as opposed to creating a text frame first, the shape properties will 'Scale frame to text size' (can be changed later of course).
The width of an automatic text frame is determined by the nearest boundaries (either page margins or guides).


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related to 0001410 acknowledged Allow automatic text frames after document has been started 
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related to 0011046 confirmed Adding page w/Text frames in to preexisting Automatic Text Frames will bump said text frames to last page outside of canvas 



2006-04-14 22:16

developer   ~0009986

if I get you right, you would like to:

-- click on the "Story Editor" before a text frame has been created
-- type your text or import it into the Story Editor
-- on closing the "Story Editor" a frame/many frames of appriopriate height and width should be created...

is this what you've meant?


2006-04-14 23:53

reporter   ~0009993

Last edited: 2006-04-14 23:59

No, sorry for the confusion. What I meant is a text tool that works like PageMaker's text tool: click on the canvas and start typing. This method is much quicker for headlines and captions.
For this to work, a new text frame attribute would be needed to scale the frame [vertically] based on the frame contents: add/resize text and the frame gets bigger.
The current method of creating a frame first, and then filling it with text works great for body text, but is cumbersome for adding a quick headline or caption.


2006-04-15 00:10

administrator   ~0009994

It's not only PageMaker that works that way. I have worked with several other programs, which exactly behave the same, e. g. RagTime or Canvas. To be honest, I never found this way appealing. A clear frame based approach is less confusing and more consistent, and in the end, users have more control. Just think about an endless number of inadvertently created frames.


2006-04-15 08:48

developer   ~0009997

packetbell, thank you, i got it :)

personally, i like the current approach, but I'm not a DTP professional by any means:)


2006-04-15 08:49

developer   ~0009998

Reminder sent to: cbradney

what do you think: "won't fix" or "acknowledged"?


2006-04-15 11:56

administrator   ~0010001

Maybe even fixed in 1.3.4cvs.. if you select the text tool, and then Shift click it will create a frame within the nearest guides/margins/page boundary.


2006-04-15 12:59

developer   ~0010002

I find this confusing too.

Can we fine tune this a bit? The text in a frame is how Scribus works. But I agree to some extent that setting up a title or few lines of text could be made more intuitive (less clicks, less mouse movements).

If we are going to dig in that direction, could we imagine a text tool that would allow typing directly on the canvas AND creating at the same time its own text frame? That way, we remain in the Scribus way, with frames, but there is a way to intuitively create a new text frame and edit it at the same time. With a single click on the canvas. How does that sound?

Also, I like the idea of having a text frame that, like image frame, can adapt to the content (set frame size to image size is the option I think. So, same could apply to text frame). Actually, we need the fixed frame approach and at the same time an adaptable frame would be very efficient as well.


2006-04-15 13:26

developer   ~0010003

Oops! My note is actually answering packetbell's suggestion. I didn't see Craig's note before posting my own. Sorry.


2006-04-15 13:29

developer   ~0010004

The Shift-click trick is interesting. I cannot say it's what I was thinking (and I don't think this is what packetbell has in mind as well) and I'd have to give it a test drive to see wether it is useful or not. But it sure works! :)


2006-04-15 18:07

developer   ~0010013

tested it with 1.3.4cvs, it works as described by cbradney with shift+click.

packetbell: is it OK for you, if I resolve this now?


2006-04-15 18:31

administrator   ~0010014

Craig's trick is most likely not what packetbell intended. I'm quite sure he preferred something that inkscape does after choosing the text tool (I'm mentioning inkscape in addition to PM, RagTime and Canvas because I suppose everyone has access to it). This is a different kind of animal.

If one would think about implementing this, it would be neccessary that no empty text frames can be created that way, IMHO, because, as stated above, it's easy to create lots of empty objects by mistake.


2006-04-15 19:13

developer   ~0010017

I agree. As described by packetbell, the bug is not resolved and I think we need more discussion as how to implement such a feature. There are good reasons to be cautious here. Christoph has a very good point. I don't know if what I suggest is to the taste of others. Please don't close this bug yet.


2006-04-15 21:37

reporter   ~0010022

Implementing this feature would *not* do away with the frame-based metaphor. Once an 'automatic' text frame has been created, it behaves like any other text frame. It would only require an extra frame property:

[x] Adjust frame-size to contents

This will ensure that the frame scales (vertically) as the text is modified. To turn the frame into a regular text frame, simply uncheck the 'Adjust ...' option.

The other functionality I described (snap to nearest boundaries) is only applicable when the frame is first created. Afterwards, it is just a text frame, and it will only snap to boundaries if 'Snap to Grid' or 'Snap to Guides' is active.

When 'Adjust frame-size to contents' is the default behavior for the shift-click text tool modifier, this would be exactly what I was after.


2006-04-15 22:59

developer   ~0010025

>> When 'Adjust frame-size to contents' is the default behavior for the shift-click text tool modifier, this would be exactly what I was after.

That makes sense to me. But there is still a text frame in that idea. This seems to me we are in the "frame metaphor" you don't want. Something is slipping out of my understanding. What is it that I don't get?


2006-04-16 01:09

reporter   ~0010027

>> This seems to me we are in the "frame metaphor" you don't want. Something is slipping out of my understanding. What is it that I don't get?

I don't think I ever spoke against the concept of a frame. This is just an enhancement for quickly creating frames that contain short texts, like headlines, captions, or short bits of text you need to work with when doing a free-format page.


2006-04-16 02:23

developer   ~0010028

Understand. Thank you. And I think it will be a nice enhancement.

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