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0008806ScribusCanvaspublic2016-06-05 14:19
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Platform64-bitOSLinuxOS VersionFedora 12
Product Version1.3.6svn 
Summary0008806: Strange display of automatic linked frames when pages inserted (pages get bumped out of doc flow)
DescriptionThis may be pushing the envelope in ways that do not (seem to) make sense, but I wanted to see what would happen if you create automatic frames of N number of pages, then added a new page somewhere in the middle.
What happens is that the added page is blank, and you see on the canvas what appears to be a text frame, linked, but no document page. Screengrabs to be uploaded.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new document, select automatic frames for a certain number of pages. Put in some text which overflows your pages.
Page > Insert, but insert somewhere in the middle, not the end.
Check the canvas display.
Tagsautoframes, linked frames


related to 0010091 new Unwanted space appears at the beginning and end of text frames 
related to 0001098 acknowledged Feature request ot manually integrate Shift+Click automatic text frames (without using mouse) 
related to 0011046 confirmed Adding page w/Text frames in to preexisting Automatic Text Frames will bump said text frames to last page outside of canvas 
related to 0007584 confirmed Automatic Textframes of generated new page are at the wrong position 
related to 0010143 new errors with automatic text frames when inserting pages 


2010-02-13 16:26


auto_linking_weirdness1.png (88,057 bytes)   
auto_linking_weirdness1.png (88,057 bytes)   

2010-02-13 16:29


auto_linking_weirdness.png (76,223 bytes)   
auto_linking_weirdness.png (76,223 bytes)   


2010-02-13 16:30

developer   ~0023258

The second screengrab (auto_linking_weirdness.png) is what happens when you remove the blank page.
Also, if you save this document and reload, it still looks like this.


2010-02-13 17:06

administrator   ~0023259

Last edited: 2010-02-13 17:07

Given how document with automatic linked frames are supposed to work, i'm asking myself if it makes sense to allow adding pages anywhere except to the end of doc. In all cases i can think of, the final result is equivalent to adding pages to end of doc.


2010-02-13 18:04

developer   ~0023260

Two reactions to this:
1. then why does Scribus allow you to add a page in the middle? I don't know what the "right" answer is to that, but I think it should make some sense.
2. aside from that, what is to be done about text frames appearing on the scratch space where there is no document page? It seems they could at least not be visible and revert to a situation where they are not shown. This is the next candidate for a "stable" version after all.


2010-02-14 11:52

administrator   ~0023271

1. That makes sense for docs without automatic frames. For doc with automatic frames, text will (or should) flow automatically beginning at the first page, so for those docs adding pages at the beginning, in the middle or at the end is equivalent to adding pages at the end.
2. The problem resides in the function which reposition objects after page insertion. That function suppose new pages do not contain any object, which is wrong for doc with automatic text frames. Unfortunately this issue is a tough one to fix and will probably require changes across the whole code base.


2010-02-14 22:06

administrator   ~0023280

Last edited: 2010-02-14 22:07

Looking at the code, there is indeed no way to insert pages correctly except at the end for docs with automatic text frames.


2016-06-05 13:47

developer   ~0041609

There are also strange results when you delete pages and then undo (1.4.6 on Windows 10):

* Create New Document (Double-sided, A4, 7 Pages, Automatic Text Frames).
* Zoom out to 12.5%.
* Right-click frame on page 1.
* Choose Sample Text and add 50 paragraphs of random English text.
* Change Font Size to 30pt with 30pt spacing.
* Menu "View -> Show Text Chain" to display text chain.
* Select Page 4.
* Menu "Page -> Delete" and choose pages 4 and 5.
* Press "Undo".

A frame is shown where page 12 would be and another is down to the left of that where no pages should be.


2016-06-05 14:19

developer   ~0041611

Relationship (?) 0010091

I added the list, but I'm not sure.

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