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0008635ScribusTypographypublic2016-01-19 12:38
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PlatformIntel, PPCOSLinux, Mac, WindowsOS Version9.10, xp/vista
Summary0008635: Automatically create text frames from paragraph styles
DescriptionJust a thought, thanks for reading this. After doing layout for items that need their own text frame and these items need to repeat in the document and will not always have the same amount of items in them, I thought that doing the text layout in one text frame then applying a paragraph style to each line would be way to go but I ran into problems when adding or subtracting paragraph breaks. But being able to design everything in one text frame then having Scribus automatically create one text frame for each paragraph style applied to the text might be of great benefit when creating elements like this that need to repeat and will save time drawing a text frame for each element needed.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a text frame
2. Add your text
3. Add paragraph and character styles to the text
4. When you are finished applying styles click off the text frame to de-select text then click it again to select only the text frame, then go to "Item > Create Text Frames" Scribus will then automatically create one text frame based on each paragraph style applied to your text, the newly created text frames can then be edited further and positioned any way you like.
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related to 0001098 acknowledged Feature request ot manually integrate Shift+Click automatic text frames (without using mouse) 


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