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0002673ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-04-12 14:56
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Product Version1.3.3.1 
Summary0002673: Linking and unlinking of automatically created text frames doesn't work correctly
DescriptionIf text frames are created automatically, they can't be unlinked and later be relinked. It is necessary to delete an existing frame an draw a new one. This also happens in 1.2.3/1.24cvs. If this new frame is unlinked again and one tries to link anew, Scribus prints an error "You are trying to link to a filled frame, or a frame to itself". The latter doesn't happen in 1.2.3/1.2.4cvs.
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related to 0001592 confirmed New textframes not linkable to "Autoframes" 
related to 0000245 acknowledged Automatic addition of new pages with auto-text frames. 
related to 0001098 acknowledged Feature request ot manually integrate Shift+Click automatic text frames (without using mouse) 
related to 0005348 closedavox connect link chains 



2005-10-09 18:44

administrator   ~0006992

The problem also occurs between manually created text frames.


2005-10-09 19:39

administrator   ~0006995

If this is the case then the issue is that you have not deselected the link frames mode. Right now, it stays on until you turn it off, check your toolbar.


2005-10-09 19:52

administrator   ~0006996

No, I did deselect. Try yourself: Create two frames on an empty page. Link, unlink and try to relink.


2005-10-09 20:11

administrator   ~0006997

Yep,works fine.


2005-10-09 21:00

viewer   ~0007000

tested manually created frames and auto frames. This works fine for me and seems a vast improvement to 1.2.x


2005-10-09 21:19

administrator   ~0007003

I have tested with 1.3.1. Maybe it doesn't appear in 1.3.2cvs. As for manually created frames, the issue seems to show up if there were previously automatically created frames on the page. Will try to find a safe way to reproduce it.


2005-10-10 19:52

administrator   ~0007013

OK, I didn't find a safe way to reproduce it. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Here is what I did:

1. Create a new doc with automatical text frames (2 pages)

2. Unlink text frames

3. Insert sample text

4. Create a new text frame somewhere on the pages

5. Link from frame 1 to the new one

6. Unlink

7. Delete new frame

8. Select first frame and try to link with the automatically created on page 2 -> Message appears as above

In cases the error shows up, I also noticed some other weird behaviour:

1. Try to right-click a selected text frame in linking mode, and you'll get the message mentioned above.

2. As long as in linking/unlinking mode, the "cross" cursor is active, even for file operations. This is unpleasant and probably confusing.


2005-10-14 17:20

administrator   ~0007086

This seems a safe way to reproduce the error with automatically created text frames (at least on my machine):

1. Create a new doc with automatic text frames (2 pages)

2. Insert sample text that flows from one frame to another

3. Unlink

4. Select first frame

5. Click on "Link text frames" icon -> Message appears as described


2006-04-14 21:27

developer   ~0009979

I've just tested the steps 1-5 with and cannot confirm this behaviour. However, the message, you've referred to, will appear if you:

6. click back on the first frame just after relinking, instead of clicking beside the frame.

This is probably not right, because, to my understanding, the cursor should not be in the "linking" mode at this point anymore.


2006-04-14 21:33

administrator   ~0009980

Add step 6 to my list and try again if it happens:

6) Klick an empty frame to link to.


2006-04-14 21:39

developer   ~0009981

christoph, i did it. Relinking works here and the text flows back into the 2nd frame. Only the additional click on the 1st frame causes this message to pop up.


2006-04-14 21:43

administrator   ~0009983

Re-linking is impossible here. I only get the error message.


2006-04-14 21:53

developer   ~0009984

I don't know, if this is of any importance, but my version of QT is 3.3.6


2006-04-14 23:18

administrator   ~0009988

New info: If I unlink the 2nd frame from the 3rd, I can re-link No. 1 to No. 2.


2006-04-14 23:22

administrator   ~0009989

... but it's impossible to re-link No. 2 and No. 3. So, maybe it's really the same as 1592? Unlinked auto-frames are perhaps treated as "new" or single frames?


2006-09-14 03:16

reporter   ~0012515

I am having this problem repeatedly on I have multiple frames that I cannot link to each other. These are all manually created frames. It isn't even a matter of unlinking. I can create a new frame, and then be unable to link to it. Pretty much a showstopper.


2009-10-18 09:51

reporter   ~0022717

This bug is still in Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows (1.3.6svn). I tried to add a chapter to an existing one by Page===>Import, but a) the automatic text frames in the imported pages are broken so that text does not flow past the first (imported) page, and b) it is virtually impossible to solve the problem manually (see related bugs). Reverting to manually linked frames doesn't seem to help much. This is quite a major problem for people assembling longer documents.

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