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0014101ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-11-11 22:54
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Summary0014101: Function: Tabelle
DescriptionDas einfuegen und bearbeiten einer Tabelle erweisst sich als extrem schwierig.
Editieren weisst erhebliche Maengel auf,, Zeilenhohe wird verschoben, eine ganze Tabelle kann NICHT bearbeitet oder verankert werden, Tabellenrahmen nur mit erheblichen Aufwand editierbar (Rahmen setzen, Farben, Linien ausbelenden)
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duplicate of 0010784 new State of the Art of Tables in 1.5SVN 



2016-05-27 04:28

manager   ~0041467

Translation needed


2016-05-27 07:55

reporter   ~0041470

Translation - hopefully understandable

Adding and editing of tables is extremely difficult.
Editing has failures. The height of cells changes, whole table cannot be edited or locked, frameborders are difficult to edit (make borders, color borders, make borders invisible)

I tried to explain in German: - but there is a discussion, if this is correct.


2016-05-29 09:36

manager   ~0041530

Laser, from the 1.5.2 release page on the wiki:
Some newly introduced features since 1.5.0, like footnotes, tables, ordered/un-ordered lists are "program-stable", i.e., they won't crash Scribus 1.5.1, but not "feature-stable", which means they may sometimes not work as expected for the time being.

Unless there isn't an open table issue in the 'Tables' category that OP doesn't see, they're invited to create that specific issue. But this is too much of a generalized ticket of a known issue in Scribus. Therefore I'm resolving it to not clutter up the bugtracker


2016-05-29 11:49

reporter   ~0041540

I'm just the translator ;-)

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