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0014113ScribusPDFpublic2016-12-29 23:43
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Product Version1.5.2 
Summary0014113: Produced PDF is too heavy for display in Adobe Acrobat
DescriptionI have a book with 92 pages and 167 images. It exports fine to PDF. The PDF also opens fine on Linux. However, the printshop can't open it on Acrobat/Windows because the file is to heavy. Some images have a slight rotation.

Here is the project:!sEN00bRa!xUMzRw8J43opEzKSRsXqIgiC4jggDX53fbt05VD0hI4


has duplicate 0014122 closedjghali resulting pdf is unusable in adobe acrobat reader 
related to 0014120 closedjghali symbols should only be inserted once in the pdf 



2016-05-30 02:05

updater   ~0041561

I can't test this ATM.


2016-05-30 11:06

manager   ~0041569

i tested the file: the problem is not with images -- as dogil first supposed -- but with the vector drawing cloned 200+ times on the first and last page.

you can read in the forum what i've tried out:,2002.0.html


2016-06-26 14:51

reporter   ~0041723

The problem was the SVG graphic used as a pattern. I'll post this in a new bug eventually with an example file, hold on tight. Where is the checkbox to close this issue, am I blind?


2016-06-26 15:25

developer   ~0041724

Last edited: 2016-06-26 15:32

"Where is the checkbox to close this issue, am I blind?"

You're not blind. Reporter unable to close ticket. ale closes later, if this is really justified.


2016-06-27 07:14

manager   ~0041728

please first open a new ticket and link it from here.

when the new one is confirmed / accepted we can close this one.


2016-07-01 17:53

reporter   ~0041756

Opened a new ticket with the pattern issue.


2016-07-05 03:00

reporter   ~0041775

@ale the other bug was closed. I guess we'll never find out what the issue was.


2016-07-05 11:28

manager   ~0041779

dogil, well, in the original file it was pretty clear that the problem was related to the paths.

if jean is not able to replicate / does not want to look deeper into this, i think there is little i can do.

since you say that the pattern alone gets printed, i wonder if you are doing something different in the two files...


2016-07-05 12:46

reporter   ~0041780

that file is just the first page from the old file with the other pages deleted. Would you try? It always worked for me, just in the printshop the Windows adobe acrobat and the preprocessing software was not able to handle the file.


2016-07-05 15:39

manager   ~0041781

on mac with acrobat reader i can

- read overload-test.pdf
- create a pdf from pattern.sla and read it with acrobat...

... so this issue seems to be somewhere else...

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