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0014144ScribusUser Interfacepublic2017-10-05 06:40
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Summary0014144: Allow to paste a selected glyph to the bookmarked glyphs table
DescriptionRight now, the only way to add a new glyph to the table of 8 preselected glyphs of the Glyphs palette is to drag'n'drop it FROM THE FONT'S TABLE dialog.

When selecting a single character in a text frame, there is no immediate way to add it to the favorite glyphs table of the "Insert glyph" window. (One has to read its font in the PP, open the font glyphs table in the "Insert glyph" window, find the correct glyph, test whether it's really the exact one, and bookmark it.)

Proposition of UI to achieve that :
- select single glyph,
- copy it (copy to the pastebin buffer)
- select empty cell in the favorite glyphs table
- paste

When a "single glyph copy" is requested in an empty cell of the favorite glyphs table, it inserts that glyph here, as a bookmarked glyph available for future uses.
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has duplicate 0011987 closed Enable to paste a glyph in the set of "Glyphs Palette"'s pre-selected glyphs 



2016-06-11 11:28

manager   ~0041644

what about having the first character in the current text selection (if any) being selected in the chars table?


2016-11-13 15:43

developer   ~0042411

Merging 0011987

Enabling to include or paste special glyphs : conditionnal hyphen, column jump, frame jump;... would be nice too.


2017-10-05 06:40

developer   ~0044473

ale, that would be ok, but some UI thing is required to request to do so

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