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0014146ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2019-01-08 14:12
ReporterBOBtheROSS Assigned To 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10-64bit/7-64bit
Product Version1.5.2 
Summary0014146: Even one text frame has serious performance issues.
DescriptionOn text frames that are scaled over a page and filled with about 50 lines of text it gets a really hard lag on typing. It gets worse the smaller the more lines it has to render. I can see that both systems get about 25% CPU usage on scribus when I type fast enough and that till the process gives no response for 1 or 2 seconds.

I tested it on 2 different systems with scribus 1.5.2 (32 and 64 bit) 1.4.6 (32 and 64 bit) and portable versions: 10 - 64bit // intel Q6600 // nvidia gtx570 // 6.5gb ram 7 - 64bit // i5-3550 // nvidia gtx970 // 8gb ram
Steps To Reproduce1.install scribus
2.create text frame wit the size of nearly the whole Page
3.create a text long enough to come close to bottom of the text frame
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related to 0001036 confirmed Severe performance problem on documents with very large number of linked frames 



2016-06-11 10:59

administrator   ~0041642

Unable to reproduce this... and I have a 5 year old laptop.


2016-06-11 11:23

manager   ~0041643

i fear some specific configuration / setting is causing this...

the slowliness exists for sure, but it should not happen (and does not happen in my experience) with such a short text...


2016-06-11 22:31

reporter   ~0041645

Same story on a Lenovo laptop:
Win 10 64bit // AMD A-10 7300 R6 // amd radion R6 // 8gb ram

What am I doing wrong?
I can't believe it's just me encountering this lag typing...


2016-06-12 06:19

reporter   ~0041646

Just tested with 1.5.3 on Arch 64 bit.
Up to 60% CPU of one (of 4 virtual) cores of a pentium i3-3225 while typing. But no delay.
Document is A4, 6000 characters font size 10 pt.
(In story editor just 12%)


2016-06-12 12:02

reporter   ~0041647

Last edited: 2016-06-12 12:05

ok, I used the story editor. There is no problem on 6,000 characters. It gets noticable on ca. 45,000, but I think I won't write that much ^^
But there has to be some unoptimized calculations that make a ca. 4000 char long text really annoying to edit.
The windows Texteditor or Indesign have no problems on 100,000 chars and a maximum of 15% cpu usage (i5-3550).


2016-06-12 13:51

reporter   ~0041648

A Texteditor has no problems - as it doesn't have to look for font, font size, rendering, line breaks...
I just wrote that to eliminate a possible problem ;-)


2016-06-12 17:16

reporter   ~0041649

I asked a friend to test it. Same thing: win 7 64bit // i5-3570
Also open writer from open office has no such behavior.

I noticed, that it depends on how many characters are visible in the frame. If I scale the frame down on so there are few characters visible it is fast. If I then scale down the font size it starts getting slow again.


2016-08-30 07:45

reporter   ~0041943

I confirm this. Even just a short text leads to performance issues. In InDesign I can easily work on a 200-page document on this machine. Scribus lags a lot and makes editing painful. Moving/scrolling too fast in a document increases frequency of crashes.

Rendering is seriously impaired, I often need to scroll up and down again to get an updated view of the text.

This happens on an Asus Zenbook, Core i5, 8GB RAM, SSD, Nvidia 940, Winows 10/64bit.


2019-01-08 12:46

reporter   ~0045755

Can't reproduce it on a dektop i5 and a laptop i7. It starts mildly lagging only with long texts, like 0000048:0000030.000 characters.


2019-01-08 13:34

reporter   ~0045756

I meant "like about 30.000 characters".

Luna Nightshade

2019-01-08 14:12

reporter   ~0045758

This was an issue with older versions - it may have been fixed while the staff worked on other things - Current 1.5.5svn works fine with larger documents (180 pages).

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