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0014208ScribusUsabilitypublic2021-01-11 06:51
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Summary0014208: If item are rotated then "Snap to Items" does not work well
DescriptionYou make two items (A and B). If 'A' item rotated (90 degree) then 'B' item aligned place before rotation.
Steps To Reproduce- Make two items (A and B)
- 'A' item rotate 90 degree
- Turn on 'Snap to Items' (Page -- Snap to Items)
- Snap to 'B' item it to 'A'. 'B' item alignment 'A' place before the rotated.

Tagsrotate, snapping


related to 0010678 confirmed Resizing rotated items moving handles does not snap to Guides 



2016-07-07 19:46


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2016-11-24 11:27

manager   ~0042523

while improving this, it might be worth having a look if it's possible to snap to nodes, too...

i guess that both are rather similar to implement

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