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0001421ScribusGeneralpublic2016-04-08 18:40
ReporterDaniel Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSDebian GNU/Linux (kernel 2.4.26)OS Version'testing'
Product Version1.2.1cvs 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0001421: Forcing measurement ruler to snap to increments of 45 degrees (or like)...
DescriptionWhile it's possible to force a line being drawn to snap to a given common-degree measure (such as nearest 45-degree mark), that doesn't seem to also be possible when using the measurement ruler. This would be a nice addition.

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has duplicate 0009416 closedcbradney allow angle constraint for the measurement tool 



2006-04-12 22:55

administrator   ~0009877

It would be even better if the direction/angle of the ruler could be "fixed" by pressing a key.


2010-10-21 20:37

manager   ~0024683

just like with the line tool (and generally with the rotation), it should be possible to constraint the measurement tool to "standard" angles by pressing the ctrl key


2016-04-08 18:40

updater   ~0039917


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