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0001423ScribusGeneralpublic2017-04-07 08:59
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Summary0001423: Single key-stroke to kern letters...
DescriptionWhile I'm able to readily manually kern letters via the text-settings box, it would be nice if there were a single key-stroke combination to do the same, which allows for much easier comparison of different kernings. For example (not sure if these are already taken with other commands): CTRL-K increases kerning, CTRL-SHIFT-K decreases kerning.



related to 0001851 closedavox Implement real automatic kerning 



2004-12-22 19:23

reporter   ~0003207

In PM it's alt + [ or ] to increase or derease kerning. Maybe the same in Quark, not sure? I think it's a nice shortcut, anyway, easier than Ctrl-K / Ctrl-shift-K


2004-12-24 02:17

developer   ~0003235

Last edited: 2004-12-24 02:18

Quark allows to kern in steps of 10th or 100th em space with keyboard shortcuts.
Plus, horizontal scaling can be achieved in 1% increments, also with keyboard shortcuts.
All these shortcuts are useful in production environment.
Bug # 1 : these shortcuts work with the american keyboard layout. Not with French Canadian layout. Don't know for others. So you have to switch keyboard layouts, but this is easy.
Bug # 2 : there is no way to edit the keyboard shortcuts from within Quark. There simply is no such editor in Quark. And we are at 6.5, after what, 16 years of development... The only way to assign a shortcut is through OS X and it doesn't work well.
When Scribus gets to that level of professional controls, we need those shortcuts. We are well on our way since there is already a shortcut editor in Scribus.


2005-09-10 12:04

viewer   ~0006507

bumping this to 1.3.x This is a nice feature to have I agree.


2017-04-06 19:50

reporter   ~0043712

It is very useful feature for newspapers. In quark these are shortcuts:
It seems both word tracking and manual tracking in "Advanced settings" should have shortcuts.


2017-04-07 08:59

manager   ~0043717

yes, for sure a welcome feature.
it would nice to have a list of typographic features that need a shortcut and a proposal for default shortcuts for all of them...

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