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0001435ScribusPrintingpublic2004-12-23 05:04
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Summary0001435: Bad PostScript output from Scribus in doc containing PNG images
DescriptionScribus produces PostScript from the attached .sla file and its accompanying PNG images that causes the Adobe PostScript 3 RIP in our printer to fail to process the job. The PostScript file that causes the problem is also in the attached tarball.

Steps To ReproduceOpen the .sla file from the attached tarball
print the file to a printer with an Adobe PostScript 3 and "print errors" enabled
The first page will print, followed by a page with a PostScript error on it.

The same issue can be observed with print to file, and by sending via the CUPS raw device or via netcat to the JetDirect port on the printer, so it's not a CUPS issue.

The error page should read:

ERROR: undefinedresult



This error was printed out by our Xerox DocuPrint N4025, with a genuine Adobe PS3 RIP. Processing the PostScript file through ps2ps seems to solve the problem - all three pages then print fine. gsview seems to process the PS file fine. Our "PS emulation" Canon imageRunner iR2220 seems to hang indefinitely on the scribus-generated file, but that's hardly surprising.

Now reprocess the saved PostScript file through ps2pdf and print the result. It should now print correctly.
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related to 0001441 acknowledged Support printing of PostScript errors 


2004-12-22 12:06


bad_postscript.tar.bz2 (263,244 bytes)


2004-12-22 20:43

administrator   ~0003210

Examined the attached Postscript file, its all vaild Postscript Level 3, perhaps you should demand your money back from Xerox. Everything in that file is correct, ghostscript renders it without any problems. In Scribus you could use the extended Print Options to create a Level 2 Postscript file. I assume that the PS Level 3 implementation from Xerox isn't 100% complete or an older version.


2004-12-22 23:15

viewer   ~0003211

Acrobat Distiller 5.0.5 distills this ps file without complaint.


2004-12-23 04:52

reporter   ~0003217

This is very interesting indeed. I'll close this bug and get on to Xerox. As that printer does contain a PS3 RIP licensed from Adobe, I have to wonder what's going on here.

I didn't consider gs an adequate test, given that it tries to be tolerant of bad PostScript, but should have tested with Distiller as well.

If anything interesting turns up, I'll let you know.

This sort of issue does point to why it would be good to have a print postscript errors option in Scribus. Its much less frustrating for a user to be able to say "my printer prints out this weird error, here it is" than "my pages just vanish". Most people won't know how to tell their printer to print PS errors, and some don't even have that as a configurable option.


2004-12-23 05:03

reporter   ~0003218

BTW, from the printer's PPD:

*PSVersion: "(3010.106) 1"

I'll get a config sheet from it when I'm next at work, but the internal RIP version should match or exceed that.

I've had Scribus jobs vanish before, but never sat down and tracked down where. I suspect it was probably the same thing - PS3 commands the printer doesn't understand.

Closing as notabug. *sigh*.

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