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0014432ScribusGeneralpublic2016-12-08 20:21
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Summary0014432: Make some sense of the search function in the character palette
DescriptionThe character palette in its current state doesn't make much sense, at least when it comes to the "Search" function.

I can search for a key word, like euro or plus in the Search dialogue and I'll get a 4-digit code. I can also enter this code in the extended palette, but hitting enter doesn't necessarily deliver the desired glyph.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create text frame and doub-click to enter the editing mode.

2) Go to Insert > Glyph.

3) Open the expanded glyph palette and select a font that contains the euro symbol.

4) In the base dialogue click on the magnifier symbol (i.e., search).

5) Enter the search term "euro". Now you'll get two 4-digit codes for the euro symbol, which you can enter in the expanded glyph palette, but upon hitting enter nothing happens. This is different from the 4-digit codes for the "plus" sign, which actually works.

6) Entering a full Unicode string like "0x20A0" in the expanded glyph palette isn't possible, because it is restricted to four digits.

Additional InformationSo, what is this search function actually good for? It doesn't even make it clear where something is being searched for. Unicode in general? A particular font?
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2016-12-08 20:21

administrator   ~0042800

It needs totally rewriting

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