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0014442ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-12-11 16:57
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Summary0014442: KRA import filter doesn't support layers
DescriptionThe import filter for Krita files completely ignores layers in the files, which reduces its usefulness.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open (PSD or ORA) or create a file with layers in Krita and save it as KRA.

2) Import the KRA file into Scribus.

--> In the "Extended Image Properties" no layers are available, only Paths.
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2016-12-10 17:26

updater   ~0042842

CC @scottpetrovic


2016-12-10 18:10

reporter   ~0042845

that makes sense. The KRA importer only takes the merged final image that comes embedded in it (it is just a zip file).

Generating what individual layers look like I have heard is quite a bit more complex with what Krita does. When I did this importer, it was based on the ORA importer, which Krita's format is heavily based on. It would be quite a bit more work to access individual layers that make up the original KRA file.


2016-12-11 07:24

administrator   ~0042853

It would make sense to have all layers available in Scribus, because only then the Extended Image Properties can be used. Otherwise a separate KRA filter doesn't make much sense, because Krita can export to formats that can be handled by Scribus *with* layers, paths etc., including ORA and PSD.


2016-12-11 16:57

reporter   ~0042869

It is a good idea to have that functionality...I agree. I wasn't making a comment on that aspect. I am saying that I won't be able to add that functionality in to the KRA importer.

Whether to keep it in the current state is up to you guys. Krita is designed for paintings which generally don't need special layer tweaking in Scribus. There are some people that use it for graphic design stuff, which I can see layers be important for them.

Right now having the merged image would be nice for some people, but would be inflexible for others that need layer control (and maybe other things that the extended properties can do that I don't know about).

If you think that what exists will help people keep it. If you think it will create more problems, I would just remove it.

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