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0014482ScribusUser Interfacepublic2017-05-19 19:13
Reporterrichardpaulhall Assigned To 
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Product Version1.4.6 
Summary0014482: Closing Scribus After Saving File (ctrl-S), User Prompted to Save File
DescriptionIt is just annoying but saving a file should tag the file as "saved" so onei s not nagged when Scribus is closed.

Ihave reported this identical bug before.
Additional Informationversion 1.4.6
Windows 10


related to 0010631 closedKunda Use Close Gadget, Scribus Always Asks To Save 



2016-12-17 11:42

updater   ~0043087

can you identify what actions make the document 'dirty' in order for scribus to prompt you to save it? Can you reproduce on 1.5.x ?


2016-12-22 06:02

reporter   ~0043135

Yes, it happens on 1.5.3

All I have to do is type a single character into the file.


2016-12-22 14:02

updater   ~0043147

> All I have to do is type a single character into the file.
Is that not expected behavior ?


2016-12-28 18:14

reporter   ~0043242

I edit the file.
Then I the ctrl-S to save the file.
If I then close the application I am prompted that the file should be saved!

I generally use the Windows supplied Close gadget to close the application. But the "File | Close" menu item throws the same prompt at me.

If the file has been saved it does not need saving and I should be able to close the application without the application telling me to do a seemingly random thing.


2016-12-29 00:23

updater   ~0043245

@richardpaulhall please state the exact step-by-step process you use because I can't seem to recreate the bug.


2017-05-19 19:13

reporter   ~0043915

From: About | Scribus
Scribus Version 1.5.2
17 May 2016
Build ID: C--T-*-C1.14.6-Windows-64bit
Using Ghostscript version 9.19

OS: Windows 10 Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1066)

1 Launch Scribus from the desktop (clicking on the file launches Scribus 1.4.6.)
2 File | Open Recent
3 Click anywhere on the text to position the cursor
4 Type any character (reflected on screen)
5 Type Ctrl-S to save
ve the file
6 Click the red X windows gadget to close Scribus
7 The prompt saying the file has NOT been saved pops up
8 Click Discard
9 Launch Scribus from the desktop (clicking on the file launches Scribus 1.4.6 on my system)
10 File | Open Recent
11 The file reflects the changes made to it

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