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0014489ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-21 14:18
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Summary0014489: Color preferences for story editor should allow setting the foreground color, not just the background color
DescriptionIn the global Scribus preferences, one can set the background color for the story editor dialog... which is great, except that you can't set the text's foreground color, which kinda defeats the purpose. For example, I would like to be able to set the background to dark gray (near black) and the text to be white, to make it easier on the eyes at night.
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2016-12-20 16:12

manager   ~0043112

I think I would prefer Scribus to allow some sort of external editor rather than bloat the internal Story editor with more and more features that are not in the core features of a Story editor.

(and, no, IMO, the SE is not for writing longer textes... there is libreoffice for that! or lots of text editors)


2016-12-21 13:04

reporter   ~0043122

If that is the case then you might as well remove the setting for the SE's background color entirely... it's pretty much pointless if you can't set the foreground color anyway.

I do wish I could have a global "dark mode" for Scribus' UI though, but I doubt that's something you folks would want to implement?


2016-12-21 14:18

manager   ~0043123

well, it should not be that difficult to hack it in through the "color blindness" settings...

but does it really make sense?

at this point you might want to look at a tool that inverts the whole screen rendering.

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