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0014495ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-22 15:52
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Summary0014495: Menu Insert→Ligature should be deleted
DescriptionMenu Insert→Ligature should be deleted

The menu is for inserting legacy Unicode code points for ligatures. As we have CTL now in SVN, with OpenType ligature support and so on, it is not longer necessary. OpenType ligatures are superior, and we should not animate the user to use the old legacy ligatures.

(This menu had been deleted yet in the CTL branch. Apparently this hasn’t made it to SVN during the CTL merge.)
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2016-12-22 12:48

administrator   ~0043143

>> with OpenType ligature support

As the name implies it, that does not work with PostScript Type1 fonts which are still often used in the graphic industry.


2016-12-22 14:15

updater   ~0043151

jghali, can we offer the user a warning if this usercase is detected ?


2016-12-22 15:24

manager   ~0043154

i'm also for deleting the menu entry.

for the other fonts, it's probably better to let the user add the "fake" ligatures through the glyphs palette...
(yes there must be a way to add them... but a dedicated menu item seems to be distracting)


2016-12-22 15:36

administrator   ~0043155

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>> for the other fonts, it's probably better to let the user add the "fake" ligatures through the glyphs palette...

That would not work with current palette. The current character palette retains the font so you would need basically to add ligatures for all fonts you need to use: not really workable and prone to errors.

And in which way is it better: from the efficiency point of view, certainly not.


2016-12-22 15:52

administrator   ~0043156

Anyway you have also to remember that using an OpenType font will not magically make automatic ligatures work: the font has also to explicitly support that font feature. And it is not a required feature, it is optional.

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