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0014503ScribusGeneralpublic2016-12-24 10:04
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Product Version1.5.2 
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Summary0014503: Scribus does not open- Windows update?

I think Windows updated my computer last night and now I cannot open scribus.

When I open Scribus, only the New document window appears- without the usual Scribus application background that I am used to seeing when I start up the program. When I select 'new' or 'open an existing' document, the program just hangs and doesn't do anything.

I restarted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled 32 bit and 64 bit versions but it is still giving me the same result.

Any help you can give me would be great.



2016-12-24 03:01

reporter   ~0043173

Ok figured it out. I use a resolution lower (1600x900) than my recommended screen resolution (1900x1020) and for some reason, the Scribus window (which was and has been working fine with no problems since the release of 1.5.2) could only be seen if I set my resolution to the recommended size. So now I will be working with my recommended screen resolution.

Perhaps there is something that could be done so that this doesn't happen like this?


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