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0014518ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-12-29 00:15
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Summary0014518: Position of Windows with multi monitors
DescriptionAtm I have 3 monitors - hdmi on the very left, vga in the middle, dvi on the right.
dvi is the primary monitor and also the monitor with the panels.
I also have the main window of Scribus on this monitor.
Property Panel is on the monitor in the middle.
On hdmi there is a home cinema center and at this there is a TV.
No matter if the TV is on or not, the home cinema center is recognized as a monitor.
Opening a new window, e.g. Text Properties, this opens on the hdmi-"monitor". No chance to get it onto the vga-monitor. Same with closing and opening the PP.

On the other hand, we have a thread in the [url=""]German Forum[/url] that says that the windows always open on the main monitor...

Is there a possibiltiy that Scribus remembers the monitor where to open new windows?



2016-12-28 15:53

reporter   ~0043239

Forgot to say that Gimp has the same problematic ;-)

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