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0014549ScribusUser Interfacepublic2017-04-06 05:56
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Summary0014549: Improved image resizing proposal
DescriptionI'd like to propose improved image resizing control using "virtual frame" with handles. Idea it to create "virtual frame" (virtual as scribus already has frames) with handles to freely control image size and rotation. That frame should have adjustable basepoint.
Simpler proposal is to add only basepoint option similar to frames (current fixed one is located top-left) to avoid "resize-move-resize" action when cropping image.
Adding "reset position" option would be nice too, instead of typing in coordinates.

Here is gif by GarryP showing suggested solution:;topic=2233.0;attach=1770

here is related thread on forum:,2233.msg10184.html#msg10184
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2017-04-04 16:06

reporter   ~0043698

Attached sample with transform basepoint.


2017-04-04 17:24

reporter   ~0043699

Just a thought: currently rotation is done using shift+mouse. Maybe it's possible to add scaling using ctrl/alt+ mouse drag similar to scaling windows in unix. It will not be precise but for sure quicker then current alt+arrows.


2017-04-05 08:39

manager   ~0043703

i don't think that modifier+mouse drag is a good idea for scaling.

modifier + mouse scroll could be better... (probably alt)

but, at the end, i wonder if just dragging the handles should be enough...

otherwise, i like the proposal : - )


2017-04-05 09:05

reporter   ~0043706

Dragging has advantages: you don't have to point handle to grab, here quarter of image would work as handle. If speed is more important then precision for this task that could also be nice alternative (maybe less coding too).
Peek 2017-04-05 10-56.gif (525,106 bytes)   
Peek 2017-04-05 10-56.gif (525,106 bytes)   


2017-04-05 09:18

reporter   ~0043707

- Less precision due to scrolling rate. To crop image more precisely you need to maybe use shift to divide scrolling units or turn to properties window and enter size by hand (like now)
- Fastest
- Cursor can work as basepoint


2017-04-05 09:34

manager   ~0043708

the screen cast is nice... using the quarters is clever. it looks like a powerful way to resize.
but it might be too clever.
i feel that it's a bit "hard to use".
it somehow feels like magic... and unusal (modfiier-scroll is already in use for the very similar zooming; dragging is mostly used for panning).

one further problem is that most simple modifier+drag are already in use.
modifier-scroll tends to be a bit more free...

i would say that in most cases, i'm fine with scrolling to be used for the more rough resizing and then go for the handles or the PP for the more precise work.

what you're showing is really nice, but i think i still prefer scroll & handles : - )


2017-04-06 05:56

manager   ~0043710

one thing: if scribus detects that the image size is much bigger or much smaller than the frame, it could draw the resize handles just outside of the frame ("half a cm") if the frame corner is visible or just inside the window's border if they are not...

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