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Summary0014573: proposal for a different grids and guides UI

I work with "guides and grids" very often. What I really don't like with the current scribus UI, are the many different places you have to go, to to adjust these.

We have

File --> Document Setup / Preferences
Page --> Manage Guides
Page --> Snap to ...
View --> Text Frames --> Show Baseline Grid
View --> Grids and Guides --> Show ...

That's why I would like to suggest the following proposal for the UI:

Grids and Guides are not much different to layers, as which they are handled by scribus internally anyway, I suppose.
So why don't treat them as such, also? My proposal is to implement either a second layer-panel for grids and guides or to merge it as a new part of the existing layer-panel.

To illustrate my thoughts, I made the attached draft, based on the existing scribus layers-panel.

Aside to much less "clicking" this could maybe also lead to the possibility to define different grids (grid1, grid2, ...) or different guide-combinations for one page, that could be used with more flexibility, e.g. show, snap to, reordering etc.

regards, lochi009
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2017-01-19 07:22


Guides_n_Grids_Management.png (25,210 bytes)   
Guides_n_Grids_Management.png (25,210 bytes)   


2017-01-20 12:03

administrator   ~0043388

You can already change how guides and margin are drawn relative to content in File > Document Setup > Guides > Placement


2017-01-20 13:41

reporter   ~0043389

I know that and don't miss any fundamental functionality in relation to grids and guides.

Please let me explain:

My prosposal refers more to the comparatively scattered settings, as I wrote above. I would prefer a more compact accessibility to them in a more "all-in-one-place" way and with fewer clicks to get what you want.

The idea to adapt the "Layers"panel for the "Grid an Guides"-UI came from the recogniton, that one can simulate them anyway by
adding a seperate Layer for that purpose, filled with any kind of selfmade grid or selfmade guidelines, but minus the snap-functionalty and minus all the related helpfull tools, that are already implemented in scribus, like the guidelines-manager.

In my opinion "Layers" and "Grids" and "Guidelines" are very much similar, as they all are ultimately layers, the latters only with a special purpose and most of the time without the need to be printed.
So, if they are so similar, why not have a similar UI and operation for them?


2017-01-20 15:02

reporter   ~0043390

I made another mockup for demonstration purposes ...


2017-01-20 16:43

reporter   ~0043391

I made a scribus document for demonstration porpuses (Made with 1.5.3.svn, Windows-Version)
Just play around with it, to get a impression of my idea.

The sla contains 5 layers:

Content Images
Content Text
Guides horizontal*
Columns vertical 6*
Columns vertical 12*

* These are normal layers filled with different kinds of auxiliary-lines that I made by hand using a calculator and the "distribute an align"-tool.

One can have more than one layer with different auxiliary-line setups at once
One can enable/disable each auxiliary layer by itself
One can reorder the auxiliary layers

One has to create the content of the auxiliary layers by hand
The content of the auxiliary layers always refers only to one certain page that it's drawn on

What I would like to have:
The possibility

-to create different kind of layers, "Content-Layers" and "Auxiliary-Layers" from within the layer-panel
-to create the content on the Auxiliary-Layers with the supoort of the build-in scribus-tools (like Guides Manager) from within the layer-panel
-to edit the content on the Auxiliary-Layers with the supoort of the build-in scribus-tools (like Guides Manager) from within the layer-panel
-to change the color of the auxiliary-lines from within the layer-panel

The content of the Auxiliary-Layers should be applied to all pages oft the document.


2017-01-23 12:12

manager   ~0043408

i have a wish: do not mix guides and grids.

keep them as far apart from each other as possible. please.

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