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0014607Scribus-public2017-02-10 09:29
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Summary0014607: rename the "background" layer to something else
Descriptionplease, rename the "background" layer to anything else.

"main" or "default" could be a better name.

this is a real pain, when you want to tell somebody to add a layer where she can put a background color or image.

"create a layer behind the current one, where you will put the background image..."

but also in my workflow, i get stuck each time i have to create a background layer and the name is already taken...
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2017-02-08 12:12

updater   ~0043458

'main' has partly the same problem as 'background', as it doesn't necessarily contain the main part of the layout.
'default' is much better – and it's consistent with 'default character style', 'default paragraph style'…


2017-02-09 17:13

reporter   ~0043459

“default layer” (with _layer_ in the end) in order to stay in coherence with the naming scheme of “default character style” and “default paragraph style”


2017-02-10 09:29

manager   ~0043463

well, if i can choose, the suggested harmonization should shrink all default labels to "default":

in the list of character styles, i don't need the extra information that is given in "default character styles"... and there are no mixed lists, afaik. (not yet...)

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