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Summary0014617: "DPI" is incorrectly used where "PPI" should appear
DescriptionI'm catching this error in several places:

* Windows menu/Properties/Image/Scaling/Actual X-DPI
* Windows menu/Properties/Image/Scaling/Actual Y-DPI
* File menu/Export/Save as Image/Export as Image(s)/Options/Resolution
* File menu/Export/Save as PDF/General tab
* File menu/Preferences/PDF Export/File Options
* File menu/Preferences/Preflight Verifier/Profile Setup
* File menu/Preferences/External Tools/PostScript Interpreter

The confusion over PPI/DPI can be explained here:

Other applications, such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Gimp use the correct term of PPI in their interface.
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2017-02-10 15:43


dpi.png (104,911 bytes)
dpi.png (104,911 bytes)


2017-02-10 18:06

updater   ~0043466

another place is 'extras' → 'manage images' (as 'image' → 'dpi' and 'layout' → 'effective dpi')

…yes, it should really be called 'ppi'!

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