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0014649ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-02-27 18:23
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Summary0014649: Add "non-break before" and "non-break after" properties for Inline images.
DescriptionThe problem is that I have a images (like smileys) in text. Some smileys are followed by dot. Sometimes scribus moves dot to next line in order to keep text in line. Any way to prevent this behavior and make dot "attached" to image? I mean the same way it works with letters.

Manual tracking for each line is impossible. Some programmable solution needed. Maybe there any XML modification can help?

My idea is to add "non-break before" and "non-break after" properties for Inline images.
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2017-02-27 13:04



2017-02-27 17:41

manager   ~0043501

i would suggest that images always or never breaks.

the breaks could then be controlled by non-breaking spaces or by a zero width space (depending which option is chosen as the normal behavior).


2017-02-27 18:23

reporter   ~0043502

You're right. This way is much easier!
For now all inline images breaks, but adding NBSP does nothing with it. So only support of NBSP needed

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