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0014755ScribusImport / Exportpublic2017-04-17 16:51
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Summary0014755: Gradients in Documents aren't imported into other documents.
DescriptionAs in the summary. If you import a page from a SLA file into another document, colours and patterns are being imported, but not gradients. As a consequence, gradients don't show up on an imported page, resulting in a black area instead.

Thus, Scribus should import gradients, just like colours and patterns from SLA files via

1) Page > Import (Done in 0014752)

2) Edit > Colours & Fills (i.e., add SLA to all three categories)
Additional InformationSince Scribus can import Scribus Gradients (SGR), it would make sense to finally enable Scribus to save gradients as SGR. As it stands, SGR is a gradient format that can only be created with a text editor!
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related to 0014752 closedcbradney Gradients in Documents aren't imported into other documents. 



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Created this from 0014752 for part 2)

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