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0014777ScribusStylespublic2019-02-09 21:32
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Product Version1.5.3.svn 
Summary0014777: Normal setting of word tracking not available in styles
DescriptionThere is only minimum value available, would be nice to have both in styles. There is also little naming mismatch: styles have min. space width and text properties have word tracking: min.
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2017-04-27 10:43

administrator   ~0043858

The standard word tracking is a character style property and as such is available in character style properties.


2019-02-09 21:32

manager   ~0045888

@jghali, they seem to be both there.

but enneen seems to be right: the naming is different (and the placement, too) and i'm still not 100% sure that it's the same values.

would it be possible to use the same icons / names for both cases?

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