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0014785ScribusStylespublic2017-04-28 14:05
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Summary0014785: Applying paragraph style to frame cleans character formatting.
DescriptionWhen I apply paragraph style to frame that contains text with direct character or paragraph formatting all my adjustments are lost.
It shouldn't be such way, as frame formatting seems to have lowest priority - I mean I can apply direct text formatting while keeping frame formatting.
Steps To ReproduceCreate frame
Add text
Apply formatting to text
Apply formatting to frame
Text formatting is lost
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duplicate of 0008772 new Applying style by Properties/Text/Styles clear text attributes 



2017-04-28 09:33



2017-04-28 14:04

administrator   ~0043865

Duplicate of 0008772.

Currently this is expected behavior: applying paragraph styles would not work as most user expect when applying styles to imported text.
Use character styles instead of direct character formatting. Character styles are preserved when applying paragraph styles.

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