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0014849ScribusFontspublic2017-06-10 13:41
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Summary0014849: Fixed Line spacing causes overflow with Khand font
DescriptionI'm not sure if it's Scribus bug or font issue, but take a look @ gif. Font used: Khand. With automatic line spacing all is fine, but can't adjust line spacing ;)
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related to 0011628 closedavox Layout issues 



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2017-06-05 10:18

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Sorry, not that file previously uploaded.


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It looks like the issue is related to the fix applied for solving 0011628. The fix implies using full font ascent and descent for baseline grid and fixed line spacing modes for computing the placement of next line, ensure there is enough vertical place for all letters, and avoid premature line breaks when text flow around an object (amongst other things). Hence the need of additional space below the text baseline when using Khand font, as this font has an important descent. I have currently no idea how to change this without causing a regression for 0011628.

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