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0014862ScribusTypographypublic2019-12-05 16:20
ReporterKrasnayaPloshchad Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformWindows 10 
Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0014862: Graphite layout does not works
DescriptionSIL produced Awami Nastaliq font ( for Nastaliq-style Arabic script, this font require Graphite support fot text layout, but when I try use it in Scribus, the font does not works as expected.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Scribus & create new document
2. Insert a text box
3. Right click to edit with Story Editor:
4. Insert a paragraph from Urdu UDHR
5. Set font as Awami Nastaliq Beta 3 Regular
6. Done
Additional InformationAfter I exit Story Editor, no letters joined.

To fix this bug, you have to intergrate Graphite2 engineinto Scribus, and making Graphite features works in the document.
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2017-06-12 08:52


Urdu UDHR.sla.gz (4,217 bytes)
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Screenshot.PNG (119,463 bytes)   


2017-06-12 08:54

reporter   ~0044029

On this page SIL provided resources related to adding Graphite support to Scribus.
Also, HarfBuzz is allowed to build with Graphite2 engine.


2017-06-12 09:51

administrator   ~0044030

Last edited: 2017-06-12 09:53

We have already made test with Harfbuzz graphite support. There are currently some difference on how Harfbuzz graphite engine provides results compared to the Opentype engine and amongst other things this triggers issues with OpenType fonts which contains both OpenType and Graphite features. As of now Graphite support is completely disabled in Scribus and Harfbuzz explicitly instructed not to use its graphite engine.


2017-06-12 09:58

reporter   ~0044031

Is there anyway to enabling Graphite in Scribus? Firefox has an option to enable Graphite at about:config page: gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled


2017-06-12 09:59

administrator   ~0044032

Notice also we have not advertised Graphite support in 1.5.3 release note, only OpenType is mentionned:


2017-06-12 10:03

administrator   ~0044033

Last edited: 2017-06-12 10:05

>> Is there anyway to enabling Graphite in Scribus? Firefox has an option to enable Graphite at about:config page: gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled

There is none because, as mentionned in my previous notes, we completely disabled Graphite in Scribus as it cause issues with some OpenType fonts. And as of now the layout would be incorrect anyway if we were to use Harfbuzz Graphite engine. We have to make code changes before we can use Harfbuzz Graphite engine.


2017-06-12 14:31

reporter   ~0044037

So what’s wrong with Graphite layout?


2017-06-12 16:07

administrator   ~0044040

See for eg 0014523. With recent Harfbuzz and same font, Graphite layout triggers different issues like bad line alignment, unexplained indentation.


2019-11-09 00:20

reporter   ~0047039

Since harfbuzz bugs are fixed, shouldn't Graphite support be enabled now?
Any thing remaining?


2019-11-09 02:23

administrator   ~0047040

That has to be tested, however this harfbuzz commit might have indeed fixed quite a few of our problems:


2019-12-04 19:34

reporter   ~0047198

I just started using Scribus for the express purpose of using Awami Nastaliq, and eventually ended up at this bug report.

I'd be quite interested in testing a new build for bugs if some can re-enable graphite or explain to me how to do it.


2019-12-05 05:30

developer   ~0047199

If there is a tab for experimental features in preference dialog it will be great. So we can flag all non-complete or not well-tested features there and give people the option to enable them.


2019-12-05 16:20

manager   ~0047203

0015987 is proposing a new preferences section for enabling experimental features

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