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0014863ScribusTypographypublic2022-10-06 09:55
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Summary0014863: Support OpenType Font Variation
DescriptionOpenType introduced Font Variation in version 1.8, this technology enables application developers to deliver typographically rich experiences while using very little network bandwidth and small font files.

Recent version of HarfBuzz also support OT Font Variation natively.
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2017-06-12 17:01

reporter   ~0044042

Here is the introduction of OpenType variation, some related technical documents are also available on this page:


2017-06-12 17:06

reporter   ~0044043

Some variable fonts are ready for test


2017-06-12 17:53

administrator   ~0044044

PDF does not support OpenType font variations. At this point such font would have to be converted to outlines.


2017-06-12 17:56

administrator   ~0044045

The page you linked even specify this explicitly:
"In certain application workflows, it may be necessary to dynamically generate a static font resource for a particular instance — that is, conventional, non-variation font tables that use interpolated values for a particular instance. This may be needed in order to provide font data to legacy software or data formats that do not understand or support variable fonts, such as legacy printer drivers, or PDF or XPS files with embedded font data. "


2017-06-13 02:10

reporter   ~0044048

>> PDF does not support OpenType font variations. At this point such font would have to be converted to outlines.

OK, so we need to create a conveter for OT Variation instance when necessary.


2018-07-17 03:33

reporter   ~0045348

Both Illustrator and Photoshop CC 2018 added support for OT font variation, and they are providing graphical interface for this.


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