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0014885ScribusTypographypublic2017-08-25 02:42
ReporterKrasnayaPloshchad Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0014885: Add support for CJK specific font features
DescriptionWhen CJK test inserted into a document, scribus should showing an interface for some OpenType font features specifically prepared for CJK texts.

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2017-06-28 07:10

manager   ~0044102

it's very likely that nobody in the team has enough skills in those language to to make them accessible in a good way.

would you be able to help out in defining the interface?

do you know somebody who could help?


2017-06-28 16:36

reporter   ~0044104

I think Ken Lunde ( would help, he has participated in two famous CJK font projects: Source Han Sans and Source Han Serif, both of them are well constructed for CJK text layout.


2017-07-02 09:14

developer   ~0044118

if the font has these features, it will appear in Font Features dialog. Is that not enough ?


2017-08-25 02:42

reporter   ~0044359

No, when I choose Source Han Serif for a text, some of them such as 'pwid', 'hwid' not shown in Font Features dialog.

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